Aug 12

6 Fun Back to School Projects to Do with Your Kids Before School Starts

Personalized School Supplies

It's hard to believe that it's already time to start talking about Back to School. I mean, it feels like summer just started! Sadly, we have just a few days left until the big day -- my kids head back this Monday.

I won't lie -- there's a small part of me that will be doing a little happy dance that first day as the bus pulls away. There’s been a lot of bickering and arguing among my five kids as of late...

But I'll also miss the one-on-one time that summers afford me, as well as being able to schedule spontaneous family outings any day of the week. So we'll be making the most of this last week before school starts by cooking and crafting and creating fun memories.

I'm still planning exactly what projects we're going to tackle, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that we've done as a family in the past.

Washi Tape School Supplies

DIY Personalized School Supplies

School supplies just don't get any cuter than these basics that have been doctored up with washi tape! Young children will need some help using the X-acto knife for trimming the tape (or scissors will work as well), but they'll have a blast choosing colors and patterns and wrapping the washi tape to personalize all of their school supplies.

Homework Box How To

Create A Homework Box

Creating a "homework box" is a little project that we complete every year as we're shopping for school supplies. We pick up an extra or two of all of the items on our list that we may need to use for homework assignments, as well as a plastic storage box that will house them all. It makes homework time so much simpler because the supplies are specifically designated for homework only, meaning those house-wide hunts for a glue stick or scissors are a thing of the past!

Clothespin Magnets

Washi Tape Magnetic Clothespin Clips

We made these cute magnetic washi tape-decorated clothespin clips to display important school paperwork in my office -- you know, so those actionable papers don't get buried under a pile of miscellaneous paperwork on an office desk. Not that I've ever done that... They'd also be perfect for lockers or even as a little teacher gift to start the school year off right!

Homemade Uncrustables Sandwiches

DIY Uncrustables Frozen Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

Prep for school lunches by making a huge batch of these homemade Uncrustables PB&J sandwiches. Dare I say my kids might prefer their custom creations to the store bought variety? Making a huge batch in the days before school starts will make packing those lunches a snap!

Friendship Pins Kit

DIY Friendship Pins Kit

Do you remember friendship pins? I put this adorable kit together for my girls when my youngest was starting first grade. She was a little nervous about being in school all day for the first time, and showing her how to make friendship pins was a great way to get her excited about going to school. She couldn't wait to pass out her creations to her classmates -- the pins were the perfect way to help her connect with old and new friends!

No Bake Bars

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars

I'd recommend waiting to whip up a batch of these No Bake PB Bars until the night before school starts; any sooner and they just won't last! Three main ingredients, plus your choice of mix-ins, means that this recipe can be made to please. They double as an on-the-go breakfast and a delicious after school snack!

My favorite aspect of all of these projects is that they take very little time and effort, leaving plenty of time for laughing and chatting about the upcoming school year. We all start to go a little stir crazy when the hottest days of summer are upon us, but activities like these always bring us together and end up being tons of fun.

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  • Laurajj Jacobson

    Oh wow! Those DIY Uncrustables Frozen Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches an amazing idea!!!! I have to do these to help with our back to school this year! Oh love it!

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