May 7

9 Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas for Mom Under $20

Cat Cora Silicone Cooking Utensils Two-Tone Bamboo Ladle Silicone Blue Pinch Bowls
Bird-Shaped Lemon Squeezer Ninja Express Chopper Silicone Gripper Tongs
Bunny-Shaped Corn Stripper Salad Spinner Bamboo and Stainless Expandable Trivet

I happen to absolutely adore kitchen gadgets. It sounds silly, but walking into the homewares section of any store makes me a little giddy. Perhaps there are those of you that would prefer flowers and candy for Mother's Day, but that's just not me. While I wouldn't be disappointed with either of those items, my kids know that the real key to my heart is a new toy to play with in my kitchen!

However, I don't expect them to keep track of all of the items I already have and those that I want, so I spent some time this morning browsing to give them a few suggestions.

Figuring that there are at least a few of you that would love these items as well, I thought I'd share my list to give some other dads a little assistance. Psst... in case you forgot, Mother's Day is this Sunday!

Cat Cora Silicone Cooking Utensils
{1} Cat Cora Silicone Cooking Utensils, $10.99 ea. -- I'm going through a bit of a green obsession, and these would be perfect in my kitchen!

Two-Tone Bamboo Ladle
{2} Two-Tone Bamboo Ladle, $19.99 -- I love the two-tone finish on this spectacular bamboo ladle!

Silicone Blue Pinch Bowls

{3} Silicone Blue Pinch Bowls (set of 4), $8.99 -- I prefer to stage my ingredients (mise en place) when cooking, so I can never have too many pinch bowls on hand!

Bird-Shaped Lemon Squeezer

{4} Bird-Shaped Lemon Squeezer, $17.99 -- This silver bird-shaped lemon squeezer would make juicing lemons for my lemon water much more fun!

Ninja Express Chopper

{5} Ninja Express Chopper, $19.94 -- I think this Ninja chopper would be much easier to work with in most cases than my bulky food processor!

Silicone Gripper Tongs

{6} Silicone Gripper Tongs, $12.98 -- Multiple sets of kitchen tongs are an absolute must, and these are tipped in green!

Bunny-Shaped Corn Stripper

{7} Bunny-Shaped Corn Stripper, $10.07 -- I've always wanted a corn stripper, and this one is just too cute!

Salad Spinner

{8} Salad Spinner, $17.97 -- I've been kicking myself for donating my salad spinner when we moved!

Bamboo and Stainless Expandable Trivet

{9} Bamboo and Stainless Expandable Trivet, $14.97 -- This expandable bamboo trivet will help protect my new kitchen table that's schedule to arrive any day now!

What kitchen gadget or gadgets are a must in your household?

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  • Hunter

    Thanks for the great ideas; I think we are going to include a few in a gift basket when we present Mom with the big gift. She wanted a way to watch her cooking shows in the kitchen but there really wasn’t any room for a TV. I am going to sign her up for the Dish Test Drive; it’s a promotion from my employer which will allow her to try out their TV anywhere service. She can stream live TV to her iPad as well as any DVR recording. She can follow along with her favorite Food Network show and she can pause during any distractions. I think she will really like it.

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