May 7

9 Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas for Mom Under $20

Cat Cora Silicone Cooking Utensils Two-Tone Bamboo Ladle Silicone Blue Pinch Bowls
Bird-Shaped Lemon Squeezer Ninja Express Chopper Silicone Gripper Tongs
Bunny-Shaped Corn Stripper Salad Spinner Bamboo and Stainless Expandable Trivet

I happen to absolutely adore kitchen gadgets. It sounds silly, but walking into the homewares section of any store makes me a little giddy. Perhaps there are those of you that would prefer flowers and candy for Mother's Day, but that's just not me. While I wouldn't be disappointed with either of those items, my kids know that the real key to my heart is a new toy to play with in my kitchen!

However, I don't expect them to keep track of all of the items I already have and those that I want, so I spent some time this morning browsing to give them a few suggestions.

Figuring that there are at least a few of you that would love these items as well, I thought I'd share my list to give some other dads a little assistance. Psst... in case you forgot, Mother's Day is this Sunday!

Cat Cora Silicone Cooking Utensils
{1} Cat Cora Silicone Cooking Utensils, $10.99 ea. -- I'm going through a bit of a green obsession, and these would be perfect in my kitchen!

Two-Tone Bamboo Ladle
{2} Two-Tone Bamboo Ladle, $19.99 -- I love the two-tone finish on this spectacular bamboo ladle!

Silicone Blue Pinch Bowls

{3} Silicone Blue Pinch Bowls (set of 4), $8.99 -- I prefer to stage my ingredients (mise en place) when cooking, so I can never have too many pinch bowls on hand!

Bird-Shaped Lemon Squeezer

{4} Bird-Shaped Lemon Squeezer, $17.99 -- This silver bird-shaped lemon squeezer would make juicing lemons for my lemon water much more fun!

Ninja Express Chopper

{5} Ninja Express Chopper, $19.94 -- I think this Ninja chopper would be much easier to work with in most cases than my bulky food processor!

Silicone Gripper Tongs

{6} Silicone Gripper Tongs, $12.98 -- Multiple sets of kitchen tongs are an absolute must, and these are tipped in green!

Bunny-Shaped Corn Stripper

{7} Bunny-Shaped Corn Stripper, $10.07 -- I've always wanted a corn stripper, and this one is just too cute!

Salad Spinner

{8} Salad Spinner, $17.97 -- I've been kicking myself for donating my salad spinner when we moved!

Bamboo and Stainless Expandable Trivet

{9} Bamboo and Stainless Expandable Trivet, $14.97 -- This expandable bamboo trivet will help protect my new kitchen table that's schedule to arrive any day now!

What kitchen gadget or gadgets are a must in your household?

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