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Caprese Pizza Bites Appetizer

Caprese Pizza Bites Appetizer

We love to host get togethers for any and every occasion, but I'll admit that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. Between homework and sports times five, along with my own personal obligations, I'm frequently scrambling to finish up crucial tasks before our guests arrive. And heaven forbid anyone show up early...

This is why having a few tried and true, super simple recipes is so important for a hostess. Heck, I'm not even sure if these caprese pizza bites even qualify as a recipe per se, since they start with Farm Rich Mini Pizza Slices, but they're a great example of how dressing up something you may already have in the freezer is a fantastic option in a pinch!

A warm batch of these little appetizer bites can be put together in under 20 minutes (mostly cooking time) and will buy you a few extra minutes to finish up in the kitchen while your guests are arriving and mingling.

Caprese Pizza Bites Ingredients

You'll need a package of Farm Rich Mini Pizza Slices, sliced Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

Simply cook the mini pizza slices according to the directions on the package. When you pull them out of the over, top them each with a slice of tomato and fresh basil. Drizzle the extra virgin olive oil over them, and then sprinkle on the salt and pepper. Skewer them down the center with a toothpick if desired and serve.

Caprese Pizza Bites

One final little tip -- the recipe on the Farm Rich website calls for placing a whole, fresh basil leaf on each bite. As I'm sure many of you know, finding gorgeous fresh basil this time of year can be a real challenge.

My solution? Roll up several leaves of the tired, sad basil that I found at Walmart, and slice it super thin, creating a chiffonade. I think it's even prettier than a whole leaf!

Caprese Pizza Bites Appetizer

Yield: approx. 25 pieces

Caprese Pizza Bites Appetizer


  • 1 (22-oz.) package Farm Rich Mini Pizza Slices
  • 4 Roma tomatoes, sliced
  • fresh basil, chiffonade
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • freshly ground black pepper


  1. Bake Farm Rich Mini Pizza Slices according to the package directions.
  2. Place one slice of Roma tomato on top of a warm pizza slice.
  3. Top with a basil chiffonade, and drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Sprinkle with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  5. Skewer down the center with a toothpick to hold it all together.


My kids dove into these, eating them as fast as I was assembling them. Added bonus -- it's a great way to cram some extra fresh veggies into their diet!

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  • Cindy

    What a wonderful and easy idea! Yet they look like you been cooking all day! Did you also make your Embossed Olive Oil bottle? Sooo Cute!!

    • No, I bought that one awhile ago, but now that I know how easy it is to make them, I won't pay extra anymore for etched items!

  • Just pinned. LOVELY and YUMMY! Perfect for game day!

  • These look great!! Great minds think alike! I have been a in caprese state of mind lately.

  • This looks so wonderful and I really love how simple it is!

  • So simple and everyone would love it!

  • This is such a cute idea! Perfect to serve at a shower or lunch party!

  • The perfect little bite!

  • These little pizza bites look so good!

  • Look at those cute little pizza bites! What a great way to make a fun appetizer!

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