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Create Your Own Conversation Hearts

Brach's Create Your Own Large Conversation Hearts

Valentine's Day just wouldn't be the same without Brach's Conversation Hearts. I've loved those cute little candy hearts, with sayings on them like CRAZY 4 U, ONE & ONLY, and SWEET PEA, for about as long as I can remember.

If you're a fan too, you'll want to look for these new Brach's Create Your Own Conversation Hearts, which can be found exclusively at Walmart! These large candy hearts come in the same great flavors you know and love -- apple, banana, cherry, orange, grape and sweet mint -- but they're completely blank, letting you express your personality with the food safe red pen.

Brach's Create Your Own Conversation Hearts

We had a 2-hour delay last Friday morning, so I pulled these out to help my girls pass the time. They had a blast writing their own little messages on each heart, working very hard to use their best penmanship.

Brach's Candy Conversation Hearts

Since there was only one pen in the box I was a little worried that some arguing over whose turn it was would ensue, but I was very impressed with how well they shared. I think this is mostly due to the fact that they were both super interested to see what the other was writing!

Brach's I Love You Mom

This sweetie pie is a Mama's girl through and through, as evidenced by her "I love you Mom" heart.

Brach's You Are Nice

And my older daughter is everyone's BFF. As the oldest girl in her class, she's a fantastic role model -- always the first to tell the others that they did a great job or give them a sweet compliment like this "You are nice" heart.

Brach's Candy Heart Cupcake

There's not a better way to share a personalized message with your loved ones or friends than to top a delicious buttercream-frosted cupcake with a custom Brach's Conversation Heart!

What message would you write on your candy hearts?

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