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CSA Haul: Scapes, Strawberries + More

CSA Haul 6-23-11

As part of our family's commitment to eating more healthful and locally grown foods, we decided to purchase a share in a CSA. For the next 25 weeks, we'll be receiving weekly deliveries of various fruits and vegetables from the Wayward Seed Farm in Marysville, Ohio.

I'm excited about this for a number of reasons, especially because I'm looking forward to being jolted out of our comfort zone a little by being pushed to try new produce that I might otherwise pass up at the grocery store. Maybe I can inspire you to try some new things along the way?

As you can see, we received quite a variety of items this week, including several that we've never tried. These beauties are garlic scapes, the curling tops of garlic plants. Wayward Seed was kind enough to provide a recipe for garlic scape pesto which I'm anxious to try -- perhaps on a grilled pizza. I'm also considering grilling some of them as a side with another meal.

This leafy green is better known as sorrel. I've not been able to find many recipes using this -- most suggest using it in a soup or a sauce -- but I think I might give it a whirl in a frittata, perhaps with some of the scallions we also received. If any of you have another suggestion, I'd love to hear from you!

We received three different varieties of lettuce this week, including this unknown lettuce. Does anyone know what this is called? I still need to wash it up and take a nibble to see how I might use it in a meal.

I was ecstatic to see these gorgeous, plump, juicy peas in our spread. I really want to highlight their fresh, sweet taste, so I'm envisioning incorporating them into some kind of light pasta dish.

And finally we have these just-picked, super sweet strawberries. I'm so thankful that Wayward Seed provides such awesome customer service. They actually forgot to give these to my husband when he picked up our weekly share, so they went out of their way to deliver them to our doorstep!

They're absolutely delicious, and I've already used a whole container to make strawberry muffins. Now I just need to decide how to use the rest. We've already made strawberry jam after a trip to our local U-pick farm last week, so I'm planning to freeze some and perhaps make a little strawberry ice cream.

Do you belong to a CSA or have you considered joining one?

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