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CSA Haul: Sweet Cherries, Radishes + More

CSA Haul 6-30-11

Though we're only two weeks into our first CSA share, I have to say that I'm really enjoying the challenge that it's provided -- trying new foods, reacquainting myself with others, and searching for new ways to prepare old standbys.

While the weekly cost is probably more than what I spent previously on produce at the grocery store, I'm finding that we're actually saving money overall because we're eating out less. Don't want to let any of this beautiful harvest go to waste!

Radishes are not a veggie that I've been particularly fond of previously; however, I'd never eaten them cooked. We braised these beauties with some of the scallions and a little thyme, and they were actually quite good! Even my husband agreed, though he was turning up his nose at them as I was cooking.

We haven't tried the turnips yet, but I'm told they can be eaten as is. I may search for another braising recipe so I can utilize the greens as well though.

We've been eating these gorgeous sweet red cherries as is, but I'm thinking about adding them to quinoa along with some toasted walnuts to make a side dish/cold salad.

This one I'm a little unsure of -- I know they said it was an herb that tastes like black licorice, so I think maybe it's anise? I need to write each item down as they're telling me about it in the future.

I'm stumped on how to use it since I'm not really a black licorice fan. Perhaps it would be a nice addition to the cherries in moderation?

The following items weren't part of our share, but I couldn't resist a quick trip around the farmer's market to round out our meals:

I tossed the cherry tomatoes with some whole wheat pasta and leftover garlic scape pesto from last week -- delicious! My kids have been devouring the berries, so there's not much left of those.

Did you pick up any new or unusual produce this week?

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  • April

    I weeks back we had kohlrabi in our CSA. I could barely pronouce it, much less figure out how to cook it. A local farmers wife gave me the idea of cutting very thin, coating in olive oil and grilling. It was very tasty! Now when I get something different in our CSA I always ask the farmers wife for recipe ideas!

    • Great tip! Wayward Seed always has a printed handout with a few suggested recipes, but I like to search online as well. We've probably tried more new foods in the past two weeks than we have in the past year -- love it!

  • Becky

    I loved this it waz great my kids loved it and husband ate lots of it loved it so th ank you

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