Jan 21

Personalized iPod Charger with Brother P-Touch

DIY Custom iPod Charger

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brother P-touch. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

With five tech-savvy kids, we have a myriad of iPods, iPads and iPhones floating around our house. And of course, that means we have oodles of iDevice chargers...

Actually finding one of these chargers when one needs to charge their device is another story -- one that typically involves lots of yelling and accusations regarding which charger belongs to whom, resulting in one frazzled mom threatening to lock the whole lot up in our fireproof safe.

But instead of locking them up, I decided to give them one last chance, along with a little personalized assistance courtesy of my beloved washi tape and my Brother P-Touch label maker. I figure if they each have a custom iPod charger, it's easy to tell whose charger is whose, and then perhaps we can eliminate some of the bickering and pilfering. Only time will tell!

Customized iPod Charger

I started by choosing a few different colors of washi tape and using it to cover both the plug and one end of the charging cable. I'm loving these bright, sunny colors right now to combat the winter blues!

Be sure to check out the tips for applying washi tape in my personalized school supplies post.

Personalized iPod Charger

My plan is to use different washi tape colors for each of my kids' chargers, but just to avoid any confusion at all, I'm also using my Brother P-Touch label maker to apply their names to the chargers, as well. The name label does double duty by hiding the washi tape seams.

As I've mentioned before, the Brother P-Touch PT-H100 Label Maker does much more than just make basic labels. While I went with the minimalist look for the name label on this project, you can add borders, change the font, and even choose from a number of cute built-in graphics to really customize the label style -- all with the touch of a button!

P-touch25thLogo_Black&WhiteIf you need a little extra organization in your life, Brother is celebrating their 25th anniversary with special promotions and deals at office super stores and other retailers. The Brother P-Touch PT-H100 Label Maker would also make a fantastic gift idea!

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  • Cindy

    Oh you are so clever!! What a great idea!! I need to do that for myself and my husband. We are always asking each other; did you take my charger?? Of course, we never borrow each others!! LOL

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