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Transform a Plastic Storage Cart with Gold Ombré Spray Paint

Decorate Plastic Storage Drawers

I don't know about you, but I totally get the itch to reorganize everything when my kids head back to school. Keeping the house neat and tidy is next to impossible with the five of them home all summer!

One of our major pain points lately has actually turned out to be our homework box. What worked perfectly when my kids were younger and all in elementary school is no longer large enough to house the myriad supplies we need to keep on hand for homework and school projects.

So when I spied a Sterilite 3-Drawer Plastic Storage Cart in the Walmart ad (on rollback for just $16.86!!!), I thought it might be the perfect "now" solution. It's not the prettiest solution as is, but I took care of that with a little spray paint, because in my opinion, a little gold spray paint has the potential to make any old thing more attractive!

Decorate Plastic Storage Drawers Supplies

Gold Ombré Decorated Plastic Storage Drawers Supplies

In addition to our plans for this storage cart, this would be a fantastic project for students heading off to college. Trust, you're going to need all of the extra storage you can get in those dorm rooms -- and inexpensive, pretty storage is hard to come by!

1 Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart
1 can gold spray paint
1 can white spray paint
1 roll painters tape
rubbing alcohol
3 small wooden plaques (optional)
1 bottle chalkboard paint (optional)
paintbrush (optional)
gold Sharpie marker (optional)
chalk marker (optional)
hot glue gun with glue (optional)

If you just want to spruce up your storage cart with a little spray paint, you can stop at the rubbing alcohol. But if you want to add decorative plaques to label your drawers, you don't need to purchase exactly what I have listed. Walmart has an amazing selection in their crafts department, and I found a number of different items that I could easily use to label the drawers. So get creative!

Decorate Plastic Storage Drawers With Spray Paint

How To Decorate Plastic Storage Drawers

Start by pulling the three drawers out of the cart. Wipe down the fronts with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils from your fingers and/or label residue. Then tape off the fronts around the edges to protect them from overspray.

Using the gold spray paint only, spray one drawer a solid gold shade using thin, light coats. To achieve an ombré effect on the remaining two drawers, alternate thin, light coats of gold spray paint with white spray paint, making one slightly darker than the other. Allow the drawers to dry thoroughly before placing them back in the storage cart.

If you're satisfied with just the painted drawers, you can stop here. But if you'd like to add a little embellishment, read on.

Decorate Plastic Storage Drawers Decorative Labels Plaques

There are so many options for labeling the fronts of the drawers: stickers, book plates, plaques, etc. Ultimately, I decided to go with some chalk-painted plaques that I could easily wipe off and relabel as our needs change (yet again).

I painted the fronts and sides of three small wooden plaques with some chalkboard paint. After allowing the chalkboard paint to dry thoroughly, I then added a little extra detail with a gold Sharpie marker. Totally unnecessary, but SO cute!

Finally, I attached one plaque to each drawer using my hot glue gun. All that was left to do was label the drawers with the chalk marker and place them back in the storage cart.

Decorate Plastic Storage Drawers Cart

I'm so pleased with the way this plastic storage drawers makeover came together! Storage is at a premium in my kids' rooms, so I'm planning to make a few more to help organize their closets.

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