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Inexpensive Blue Dip Dye Scarf Tutorial

Dip Dye Scarf

My summer style is pretty casual and laid back -- you'll almost always find me in a simple tank top, jean shorts and flip-flops. Accessories are pretty minimal for the most part, but ever since I saw a magazine photo of a beautiful blue dip dye scarf, I've been on the hunt for one to call my own.

I thought it would be pretty easy to find one, but after much searching, I came up empty. So I decided to DIY one myself!

Off White Faded Glory Gauze Scarf

Dip Dye Scarf Supplies

I started with an inexpensive off white Faded Glory gauze scarf that I picked up at Walmart for a total steal -- just $6.97! In addition to a scarf, you'll also need the following supplies:

Dip Dye Scarf | Accordion Fold Scarf

Dip Dye Scarf Tutorial

Start by accordion folding the scarf. I folded this particular scarf in half, and then folded it back the opposite way on each side, so that it ended up being folded four times.

After accordion folding, the scarf was too wide to dip in my plastic container, so I folded it once more widthwise.

Dip Dye Scarf | Attach Scarf to Clothes Hanger Clothes Pins

Attach the folded scarf to a plastic clothes hanger with a couple of clothespins. This makes for easy dipping, and it also makes it simple to hang the scarf somewhere outside to dry after dyeing!

Dip Dye Scarf | Dip Scarf in Dye

Now you're ready to prepare your solutions for dyeing. I suggest covering your work surface with a plastic tablesloth, and then mix the following in your three containers:

  • Container 1 -- 1 gallon hot water + 2 tablespoons of Rit liquid dye
  • Container 2 -- 1 gallon cold water
  • Container 3 -- 1 gallon hot water + 2 tablespoons of Rit Color Stay dye fixative

Start by dipping the folded scarf about 1/3- 1/2 of the way in the dye bath. I kind of swished it back and forth a little bit for about a minute. Next, I rinsed it in the cold water bin by swishing it back and forth for about a minute. Finally, I soaked and swished it around in the fixative for about 2 minutes.

Dip Dye Scarf | Hang Scarf to Dry

Hang the scarf somewhere outside to dry completely. It may continue to drip dye as it dries, so be sure to place something under it if you want to protect the surface beneath it.

Blue Dip Dye Scarf

When the scarf is completely dry, unpin it from the hanger, unfold and fluff it up. I just love the soft blue shade it turned as it dried!

Dip Dye Scarf | Blue Dip Dye Scarf Tutorial

This gorgeous, light and breezy scarf is the perfect summer accessory. See how it dresses up a simple $3 Faded Glory tank top from Walmart?!

My girls have already been trying to swipe my new scarf when they think I'm not planning to wear it. It's pretty clear that we'll be making at least a few more so we can each have our own -- which will be a cinch since I have plenty of dye and fixative left over for future projects.

Or we just might try a few different colors... They're begging for emerald and fuchsia. What color would you choose?

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