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Projects Made Simple: DIY Glitter Ornaments

Projects Made Simple Glitter Ornaments DIY Craft

I'm always looking for new projects to keep my kids occupied, and when I saw these easy DIY glitter ornaments demonstrated in Bentonville, I knew they'd be a big hit in our house. Sure enough, my 8-year-old daughter got a little glitter crazy making ornaments for all of her friends. One of the big jokes in our household is that her favorite color is glitter!

This craft is part of the Projects Made Simple program at Walmart -- simple, easy, and inexpensive. I found all of the items I needed in the craft section: clear plastic ornaments (just $0.97 each!), Glitter-It non-toxic liquid adhesive, and fine glitter.

To start, remove the price tags from the ornaments and pop the silver tops off each one. Pour the Glitter-It adhesive into one ornament and swirl it around to ensure that the inside of the ornament is completely covered. Pour the excess adhesive back into the container and drain the ornament well.

Pour about two teaspoons of glitter into the ornament.

Vigorously shake the ornament to coat the inside with the glitter. Any excess glitter can be poured back into the container.

Allow the ornaments to dry for about 30 minutes and then carefully insert the tops back into them.

Voila! Once I gave my daughter a quick demo, she was able to complete the other ornaments on her own. What I really love about this project is that aside from the small mess that's made when creating the ornaments, they're mess-free in the long run, unlike other glitter ornaments we own which continue to shed glitter year after year.

She was pretty proud of her creations! I think I might invest in a few paint pens so that she can give them each a little extra personalization for her friends. Stickers, ribbons, and beads are all additional ways that you could add a little more pizazz to your finished ornaments.

A few tips we learned while "glittering":

  • The instructions state to rinse the ornaments out with vinegar and water. I'll admit that I skipped this step, and it doesn't appear to have any effect on the finished project.
  • When draining the excess Glitter-It from the ornament, really make sure to drain it well. Any extra adhesive will cause the glitter to clump up and not coat the inside as thoroughly.
  • I found that I really prefer the bright jewel-toned glitter, as it gives a more opaque coverage.
  • Be extra careful when reinserting the hangar tops so as not to scratch the glitter coating inside the ornament. Try to insert them exactly where you want them, because rotating them once insert will scratch the coating off as well.

I'm sure my other children will be clamoring to make their own ornaments. Thankfully the glitter and adhesive go a long way. We made 10 ornaments, and still have over 2/3 of the adhesive and plenty of glitter left.

Crafts are not only a great way to have fun with your family, they also make great holiday gifts to bring out anyone's creativity! Walmart has a great selection of craft kits sure to inspire any child, including a new line of crafts geared specifically toward boys that I highly recommend you check out. My boys used the DIY skateboard kits and came up with some really cool and innovative skateboards -- that really work!

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by Tara | 5 comments

  • perfect craft for the holidays :)

  • Cindy

    Nice job Camden! Love your glitter ornaments! Did you make one for Mamo's tree??

  • michelle

    You can do that with craft paints too! I bought some glitter paint that we dripped inside and then added drops of white paint. Shake and you've got beautiful marbled ornaments. It's fun to come up with different color combinations too. Like favorite sports teams, or personalize ones with each childs favorite colors

  • What a neat idea - looks great!

  • Jayden made one of these in school and gave it to me for Christmas!

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