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Simple & Inexpensive DIY Holiday Wreath

Easy DIY Holiday Wreath

My husband has been begging me for weeks to purchase a new holiday wreath for our front door. So when Walmart asked if I'd be interested in creating my own Christmas wreath using some of the inexpensive holiday decor items they stock, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!

Walmart actually provides some suggestions for designing a custom wreath in their Christmas catalog (select "see another ad" under the date to view). I used a few of the options listed and also picked up a few other items that I found while shopping.

I found a wide selection of wreaths in all sizes, starting at just $4 for a 24-inch basic pine wreath. I opted to spend a little more though and chose a larger 34-inch wreath which was still a very reasonable $14.98. I know they don't look like much when you first bring them home...

But when you give them a good fluffing, they start to take on a more realistic appearance. Just pull and bend the branches in all directions until you're satisfied with the fullness.

I was excited to find these cute little silver sparkly clip-on decorations (just $1.47 each) and left with five of them! They eliminate the need for hassling with wire to attach the decor. The clips are very strong and I don't foresee them going anywhere, even with some of the gusty winds we get here in Ohio in the colder months.

If I didn't have five rambunctious kids that are running in and out of the front door regularly, I might have chosen some of the beautiful glass ornaments they carry instead and wired them on, but I figured they'd get shattered on the first day. You should definitely take a look at them in the Walmart Christmas Catalog as well -- so many beautiful designs, starting at just $4.98!

Now, I am not a master wreath decorator by any means, but one of the most important tips I've picked up is to lay everything out first before attaching it. If you just start attaching the decorations, you will inevitable have an awkward gap somewhere -- which isn't a huge deal with these clip-on ornaments, but if you're actually wiring ornaments to your wreath, it will be a major headache.

Next I wrapped some pretty red glittery ribbon around the decorations for added color. This is pretty straightforward -- I just started near the bow and kept wrapping, not cutting the ribbon off until I reached the other side to ensure a good fit.

I also picked up these fun glittery spiral picks for some added texture. I was first introduced to these on a holiday trip to Walmart's headquarter's in October. The stylist stuck them in randomly all over a Christmas tree, and it was such a beautiful effect! They come in an array of colors, and I will definitely be picking up some more for our tree.

For about 10 minutes worth of work (in between snapping photos), we now have a beautiful custom wreath for our front door that didn't cost a bundle! In fact, it was so easy that I think I'm going to go back and pick up some of those $4 smaller wreaths for the kids to decorate for their bedroom doors. Maybe that will get me about 15 minutes of peace and quiet when they're off school this Monday!

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  • Gorgeous wreath! I love your snowflake hanger too!

  • The wreath is adorable!

  • Your wreath is darling! You have such hidden talents that I know some day when you have free time for yourself are really going to shine!! Love Mom

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