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Homemade Egg McMuffins | Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review

Easy Homemade Egg McMuffin

As much as I love my kitchen gadgets, I've never been big on gimmicky kitchen appliances that only have one application. So when I first saw the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker make an egg McMuffin in under 5 minutes on my Walmart holiday trip, I thought, "Oh, that's really cool... But I'd probably never use it."

Luckily, Hamilton Beach was kind enough to send us all home with one of the products to create our own egg McMuffin at home. After my kids spied it, they begged endlessly to have breakfast for dinner to give it a try. I'm always up for breakfast for dinner, so I picked up some English muffins and Canadian bacon at the store, and together we each made our own custom homemade egg McMuffin!

The customization is really the key here, because my kids have a variety of of tastes -- eggs, no eggs, bacon, no bacon, cheese, no cheese, etc. Some want a drizzle of syrup on top (a la the McGriddle), while others prefer just a dash of salt and pepper. And then there's my husband who likes to douse his in hot sauce...

So I love that I can accommodate them all with this one little gadget that cleans up easily and actually takes up very little storage space. Much to my surprise, it's become one of our most-used kitchen appliances!

Egg McMuffin Recipe

The standard egg McMuffin recipe goes a little something like this:

  • Turn the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker on to heat up.
  • Once it's hot, lay the bottom of an English muffin inside the bottom ring and sprinkle it with shredded cheese. I've found that shredded cheese works best -- sliced cheese oozes over the sides and can get messy.
  • Lay a piece of Canadian bacon on top of the cheese. You can also used precooked bacon broken up into smaller strips or any other type of precooked meat.
  • Next you lower the egg plate second ring and crack an egg into it. I add a little salt and pepper on top for seasoning.
  • After the egg solidifies, raise the top to lay the top of the English muffin on top of the egg, and close it back up.
  • Cook for 4-5 minutes, until the egg is cooked through. Slide the egg plate to the side, and lift the top to reveal your perfectly cooked homemade egg McMuffin!

Considering the price of breakfast from McDonald's for our family of seven, the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker has made a hot breakfast on the go much more affordable. In fact, I'm considering picking up a second maker to speed things along! Priced at just $24.94, I'm quite sure it will pay for itself many times over.

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