Apr 16

Giving Container Gardening A Try

Planting Seeds

This will be the first year in a good ten years that we won't have an actual garden...

I'm so sad that we had to leave our Backyard Botanical Oasis (pictured below) behind when we moved. It provided us with a bountiful harvest year after year with minimal weeding and little hands-on watering, thanks to my handy husband who ran water lines underground to feed the soaker hose.

We'll definitely be purchasing another, but it's just not in the cards this year. So instead we're giving container gardening a try (in addition to purchasing another CSA share)!

Seeds of Change provided me with a sampling of organic seeds to get our containers started. I chose Mini Purplette Onions, Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes, and Zefa Fino Fennel (mmm, can't wait for the fennel!), which we planted to start our seedlings yesterday. I also selected the Mesclun Salad Mix and Arugula which we'll sow directly in containers in May.

One of my favorite features of their seeds is the Ziploc-style package that they come in. It makes saving them for a second planting super convenient.

My two youngest had a fine time playing in the muddy containers and helping me plant the seeds. They can't wait for our seedlings to sprout!

We also planted a Seeds of Change Herb Garden Starter Kit. Fresh basil and cilantro? Yum -- yes, please!

Addie and Drew were pretty proud of their handiwork -- although Drew was being a real stinker about getting his picture taken.

If you're not familiar with Seeds of Change, in addition to being the country’s oldest organic seed provider, they're also very active in community programs and donate 1% of their net sales to support and develop sustainable community based gardening programs. Their latest mission is the "Sowing Millions, Growing Minds" initiative in which they will be awarding schools (grades K-8) nationwide 25 million organic seeds to support and encourage sowing and growing organic gardens.

Look for the Seeds of Change display at your local Walmart, and you'll also find valuable money-saving coupons in the latest issue of All You magazine.

Have you ever planted a container garden versus a traditional garden? Just wondering if there are any major differences I should be aware of...

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by Tara | 2 comments

  • I started container gardening after discovering it was the best way to keep the squirrels out of my veggies! When I had a regular garden, they would eat everything from tomatoes to jalapenos! I tried chicken wire fencing (they climbed over), scarey fake animals that were supposed to keep them away, and even caging each individual plant (just seemed to make it easier for them to reach the veggies). Finally, I tried containers and since they are closer to the house, they seem to stay away! I have noticed that with the containers, my tomatoes and green peppers seem to get "bottom rot" more. I did a little research and learned that calcium can help this problem. I visited my local garden care section of my closest retail store and quickly discovered that you can get all kinds of fertilizers etc with calcium added to it. I wanted to find a chemical free way to take care of this problem and discovered that many have success using egg shells. You just crush up the shells and sprinkle around the base of the plant or work into the very top layer of soil. I was skeptical but gave it a try and IT WORKED! Last year it put a quick stop to all my bottom rot issues. Right now, my containers have the shells from the eggs we dyed at Easter in them! Also, a nice veggie to grow from seed in containers is lettuce. You can get a very wide shallow bowl type pot or several smaller pots (my kids each do their own smaller). Just spread the seed like grass seed and it sprouts very quickly and is nice to have on hand!

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