May 17

Simple and Healthy Snack Ideas for Active Kids

Healthy Snack Ideas

May is by far our busiest month of the year -- the soccer/baseball overlap just doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times we struggle through it. I love that my family is active and involved in sports, but it's definitely challenging to manage!

With a soccer tournament on the schedule every weekend this month, as well as a multitude of practices and season games, keeping my kids energized before and after events is no easy feat, especially when I prefer not to rely on prepackaged (and often expensive) snacks. Instead, we've been forming an assembly line on Sunday evenings to portion out our own healthy and nutritious snacks.

If you've been brainstorming for easy healthy snack ideas, this is one of our faves! We combine Walmart's Great Value brand whole natural almonds with their line of dried fruits for an on-the-go snack that won't break the bank!

Great Value Whole Natural Almonds

Packed with protein, fiber and calcium, whole almonds are a nutritious and filling snack. One serving is equal to about 23 almonds, and you'll find about 14 servings in a 1-lb. bag of Great Value almonds. Priced at just $6.98 (a full $3 less than the national brand), that breaks down to just $0.50 per serving!

Great Value Dried Fruit

No matter how you cut it, dried fruits are going to be more expensive than fresh fruit. But you can't beat the convenience of dried, and since it doesn't require refrigeration, I'm willing to spend a little extra on it.

Great Value Dried Fruits

Buying store brand dried fruit will help defray some of the costs, and depending on your budget, some fruits are more budget-friendly than others. Dried apricots are the cheapest, and dried mango is the most expensive, with the rest falling somewhere in between.

  • Great Value Dried Apricots -- $1.98 per bag, $0.44 per serving (5 pcs.)
  • Great Value Dried Apples -- $2.28 per bag, $0.76 per serving (1/2 cup)
  • Great Value Dried Cherries -- $2.98 per bag, $0.85 per serving (1/4 cup)
  • Great Value Dried Mixed Berries -- $2.98 per bag, $0.85 per serving (1/4 cup)
  • Great Value Dried Mango -- $3.83 per bag, $0.85 per serving (6 slices)

Tip: Pay attention to the price per serving when choosing a dried fruit to get the most bang for your buck.

Simple Healthy Snack Ideas

Back to our little assembly line -- my kids all share the task of measuring or counting out each item and then packaging them in in the snack size Ziploc Storage Bags. With just a few minutes' worth of work, we have a week's worth of simple and healthy snacks ready to grab as needed!

My favorite pairing is the tart dried cherries with the almonds. What's your favorite dried fruit?

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