Sep 27

Quick Tip: How To Get Your Dirty Grout Extra Clean

How To Clean Dirty Grout

I love having tile floors in my bathroom! They're SO much more attractive than the vinyl flooring we've had in the past, which I always found hard to clean and prone to yellowing.

But the downside of tile? Keeping the grout from looking dingy and gross. It's especially hard to keep clean right in front of the double sink area, where there are often spills and buildup from using various hair products.

I've tried a number of products for removing the dirt and grime, but nothing was really getting it as clean as I'd like. However, few days ago, as I was adding my regular dose of BIZ Stain Fighter to a load of laundry, I started wondering if it might be effective at cleaning the dirty grout in my bathroom. I mean, it IS pretty fabulous at removing stains from our white clothing...

So I grabbed the bottle and an old toothbrush and decided to find out for myself!

Clean Dirty Grout

After drizzling a little BIZ along the grout and giving it a scrub with the toothbrush, I wiped the foam away with a damp towel. And I have to say I was totally amazed! The grout looked just as clean and new as the relatively untouched grout around the edges of our bathroom.

I mean, check out the results in the photo above. That area in the upper left isn't a shadow -- that's how disgusting the grout was pre-scrubbing! And you can see how clean the cross section in the lower left is -- that's where I scrubbed with the BIZ and toothbrush. See what I mean?!

Granted I don't really relish the thought of scrubbing the entire floor with a toothbrush... I'll be purchasing a larger scrub brush ASAP so that I can cover a bigger area at one time. But BIZ Stain Fighter just won my heart all over again!

BIZ Ambassador
I'm thrilled to be collaborating with BIZ Stain & Odor Eliminator for the rest of 2016 to help you make your laundry less of a chore. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more info, and grab a $1 off printable coupon to save on your next purchase!

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