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Dried Beef Pickle Roll-Ups // Easy Party Appetizer

Pickle Appetizer

I'm really not sure where this pickle appetizer recipe originated, but these dried beef pickle roll-ups have been a holiday appetizer staple for our family since before I could walk (and probably long before that).

Newcomers to our holiday gathering always have the same reaction to this pickle appetizer -- probably the exact reaction most of you are having right now. First they ask, "What in the world ARE those things?" And so someone enlightens them, telling them to try them because they will rock their world. The newcomer usually looks a bit skeptical at this point and is about to pass them by, but generally with a little prodding, they will decide to give them a try.

It's always fun to watch their reaction at this point. Wrinkling up their nose, they'll take a tiny bite... And then this look of amazement spreads across their face, and just like that, they're a convert for life. Who knew something so simple and unexpected could taste SO good?

Dried Beef Pickle Appetizer

And by simple I mean only three ingredients -- whole dill pickles, cream cheese, and dried beef. Did I mention they're pretty inexpensive to make, as well?

Sliced Cream Cheese

You start by slicing a block of cream cheese into eight pieces. Easy enough, right?

Cream Cheese Pickle Sandwich

Now things are going to get a tad messy... You'll sandwich a whole dill pickle between two slices of the cream cheese, and then press and roll the whole thing between your hands to encase the pickle in the cream cheese.

Dried Beef Cream Cheese Pickles

Finally, you'll take two slices of dried beef and wrap them around the whole thing. I use a smear of the extra cream cheese left on the wrapper to "glue" the dried beef together where the slices overlap.

Refrigerate the pickle roll-ups to firm up the cream cheese and then slice into medallions right before serving. I find that using an electric knife works best for slicing them up without mangling them. I have this basic electric knife from Black & Decker that I picked up at Walmart. You can't go wrong for a low $9.99!

Pickle Roll-Ups

Give this pickle appetizer a chance -- I really think you'll love them too! Just sayin', these pickle roll-ups would make a fantastically easy New Year's Eve appetizer...

Dried Beef Pickle Roll-Ups

Yield: 8 pickle appetizers

Dried Beef Pickle Roll-Ups


  • 8 whole dill pickles
  • 2 blocks cream cheese
  • 3 pkgs. dried beef


  1. Remove 8 pickles from the jar and place them on a paper towel to drain.
  2. Slice a block of cream cheese into 8 pieces.
  3. Sandwich a whole pickle between two slices of cream cheese, and then smash and roll the whole thing between your hands to encase the pickle in the cream cheese.
  4. Wrap two slices of dried beef around the cream cheese-encased pickle, using some of the leftover cream cheese from the wrapper to "glue" the seams together where the dried beef overlaps.
  5. Refrigerate until ready to serve to firm up the cream cheese. Slice into medallions before serving.

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by Tara | 6 comments

  • Tara! My family used to make these too - even before I was born. :)
    Except we used ham. I haven't had them in forever because we quit eating pork. I am excited to see this and try them this way! I'm sure they'll bring back great memories. I'm glad to have seen this! :)

    • I think you'll love them, Denise! The saltiness of the dried beef pairs really well with the slightly sweet cream cheese and sour pickles.

  • Cindy

    If you make these, just be prepared to have to make them the rest of your life for every occassion you go to. All I ever hear is who is making the pickles!!

    Yes, they are that good!!

  • Debie

    OMG! I am the official "pickle maker" in my family. This has been a holiday staple in our family since I was little girl. Except we shred the dried beef and then roll the pickles in it. Easiest and best appetizer ever!

    • That's awesome, Debie! I'm always surprised to see how many times this recipe has been pinned. People are usually so hesitant to try them, but of course, when they do, they're hooked.

  • Jacalyn Margittay

    Hi! This has been a Wisconsin "go to" appetizer/snack for like forEVer! We've always used sliced ham. And if you really want to get exotic mix a packet of HV ranch or GS Italian dress ion into softened cream cheese. Smear it on a slice of deli ham and roll the pickle up! Ta-da - ice fishing snacks!

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