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Behind the Scenes with Pillsbury® Funfetti® Lil’ Donut Kits

Pillsbury Funfetti Lil' Donuts Video

One-on-one time with each of my five kids is pretty hard to come by, so when Pillsbury® asked me to come to New York City to shoot a video for their new Funfetti® Lil’ Donut Kits and suggested I bring along one of my children, I jumped at the chance.

Choosing which of my kiddos to bring was a little difficult, but in the end I decided Addie should tag along. You'll probably recognize her from a number of photos on my site. She's not a big eater, but she loves helping out in the kitchen!

We had a fantastic time eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (Addie got chicken fingers, of course), shopping in Times Square, and just getting to spend some quality time together walking, talking, and laughing. She was amazed at the Jumbotrons, tall buildings, and the sheer number of people in such a small area, so it was fun for me to experience NYC again through her lens.

We spent most of the day on Monday at the photo and video shoot for Funfetti Lil' Donuts. The Pillsbury team took excellent care of us, even down to catering to Addie's picky palate by running down to the corner store to grab her a PB&J for lunch. And in turn, Addie entertained them by turning cartwheels all over the studio and just being her usual spunky self.

At one point she just plain wore herself out... I noticed the lack of background noise and found her snoring softly on a cushion in the middle of the floor. Silly girl! We just let her sleep until it was time for her takes in the video shoot.


If you're not familiar with the new Pillsbury Funfetti Lil' Donut Kits, they're these cute little kits that make whipping up little glazed donuts at home incredibly easy -- no donut pan necessary. You just need to add 1/3 cup of water and 1/4 cup of softened butter to the donut mix and 2 tablespoons of milk to the glaze mix.

In fact, they're simple enough to make that my kids team up to get them ready to bake, and all I have to do is pop them into the oven! They're fun for a wide variety of occasions -- birthdays, desserts, after school snacks, or even just a quick breakfast.

You can check out our video below. I think Addie thoroughly enjoyed her stint as "sprinkle girl" and "taste tester", don't you?

Funfetti Lil' Donuts Video

I mentioned a few tips in the video that will give you the best results:

  • After mixing the dough for the donuts, rub your hands together to warm them before rolling them into balls. This will help achieve a nice round ball and prevent the dough from sticking to your hands.
  • When rolling, really compress the dough to help bind it all together, which will help the Lil' Donuts hold their shape while baking.
  • The glaze only take a minute to mix, so I like to mix it up while the donuts are cooling after baking. I just drop them into the glaze and make sure they're completely coated, and then remove them to a cooling rack that's sitting on a baking sheet. The glaze dries pretty quickly, so add the sprinkles to each donut as you glaze them to ensure that they stick well.

Look for Pillsbury Funfetti Lil' Donut Kits at your local grocer. In addition to the Funfetti Vanilla Glazed kit, you'll also find Glazed Chocolate and Maple Glazed varieties. We love them all!

Make baking even more fun with a kitchen makeover! Visit www.PillsburyBaking.com from September 26 through November 27 to register for the Pillsbury Funfetti Lil’ Donuts Pin It Promotion and pin or re-pin a Lil’ Donut image for a chance to win a $20K kitchen makeover.

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  • Addie's so sweet. I like sprinkles too ;-).

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