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Pocket Fold Napkin Tutorial + Holiday Place Setting

Pocket Fold Napkin Holiday Place Setting

When it comes to holiday decorations, I've always been drawn to clean whites paired with metallics. That's not to say I don't like color -- I do use it as an accent, but metallics and whites are my happy starting place.

So I could hardly contain myself when I saw the beautiful new limited edition holiday dinnerware from Better Homes and Gardens back in October. The simple white porcelain china with whimsical, yet classy, gold and silver patterns is both gorgeous and inexpensive... What more could a girl on a budget ask for?!

Holiday Appetizer Plates

And when I found out there were matching tiny appetizer plates, I was completely sold. I couldn't wait to set my holiday table with this collection!

The only problem? I couldn't figure out something fun to do with my napkins. I made these pretty napkin rings a few years ago, and they worked perfectly with my everyday white dinnerware. But I wanted something a little more understated to go with this BHG china...

Pocket Fold Napkin Tutorial

I saw this idea for a pocket fold napkin in a magazine a few weeks ago and was totally inspired. However, the hand-drawn tutorial was awfully hard to follow and made it appear much more difficult than it really is, so I took a quick progression of photos for you all while I was folding mine!

Pocket Fold Napkin Tutorial

Doing a pocket fold napkin is actually really easy:

  1. Lay your napkin out front side down.
  2. Visualize your napkin in thirds, and fold about the top third down.
  3. Fold the bottom up until the edge overlaps the top third.
  4. Flip the folded part over so its face down, and now you'll visualize it in fourths. Fold the left fourth over toward the middle.
  5. Now fold the right fourth over toward the middle. At this point, the outer edges should be touching in the middle.
  6. Finally, fold the napkin in half where the two outer edges meet

Pocket Fold Napkin | Holiday Place Setting BHG Live Better

Ultimately, I opted to tuck my silverware in the fold and placed the napkin next to my plates, because I didn't want to cover up the pretty patterns. However, if you're using simpler dinnerware, you could also lay the napkin on top of your plates and tuck a place card in the fold so that the part with the name is just peeking out.

Either way, a pocket fold napkin is way more stylish than just laying a napkin next to your plates!

Do you have any other ideas for fun ways to fold napkins for special occasions?

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  3. BHG Poinsettia Cutwork Runner, $12.46

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