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Preteen Style Must-Haves For Spring

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Being a mom to a preteen girl is both fun-filled and, um, challenging, to say the least. I mean, the mood swings, the stubbornness, the eye rolls... Is it just a girl thing? We certainly didn't have this kind of drama with my older boys.

But there are also still snuggles, like today when my feverish daughter just wanted to cuddle on the couch all day. And the random "Love you, Mom" texts filled with emojis, and even the rare apology when she realizes that sometimes Mom really does know best.

As I imagine happens in many households, many of the arguments seem to revolve around clothing. Whether her favorite shirt isn't clean, or she can't find the jeans she wanted to wear, or she just flat-out refuses to wear those $30 leggings that she HAD to have at the store, you name it.

Finding age appropriate clothing we can both agree on, and that doesn't cost and arm and a leg, is an elusive task. So when she asked to go shopping for a spring cardigan earlier this week, I suggested we check out the juniors section at Walmart. Though she's at an awkward stage for bottoms, she can wear the small size in their tops -- and they have some really cute spring styles available at bargain prices right now!

Preteen Style Must-Haves For Spring

Here's what we checked out with:

  • No Boundaries Juniors V-Neck Relaxed Pocket Tee, $7.88 -- this cute, slouchy tee in a rayon/spandex fabric is totally comfortable and not too revealing!
  • No Boundaries Juniors Striped Hoodie Cardigan, $9 -- I see her getting a ton of wear out of this neutral gray striped open front cardigan, perfect for cool spring days!
  • Peds No Show Socks, $5.97 -- my daughter loves to wear her Converse shoes (not from Walmart) without socks, but it quickly became apparent that she needed some. These no show socks achieve the look without the stink!
  • Sally Hansen Nail Polish, $2.07 -- this pretty pastel shade, called Heart of Stone, is a perfect shade for spring at a budget-friendly price!

Miss Zoe Agate Pendant

She also requested a long pendant necklace, but our store appears to be in the midst of a jewelry reset, so the selection was very limited. I'm honestly not sure how much she'll actually wear it, so we shopped online for one that we both love. I've been a fan of the Miss Zoe by Calinana brand for some time now, so I was happy that we both settled on this pretty blue agate pendant!

I'm pretty happy that we left spending under $25, plus the necklace that we'll share. She's already worn the shirt and cardigan, so no battles this time!

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