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Wonder Loom Rubber Band Bracelet Loom Kit

Loom Bracelet

I'm sure you've heard about the rubber band bracelet loom craze by now -- my kids have been totally into making these fun rubber band bracelets for months now. Yes, even my boys have been in on the action! We're currently up to a total of four looms in our household currently, along with at least a couple dozen different colors of silicone rubber bands.

I know for a fact that rubber band bracelet loom kits are on several of their friends' Christmas lists. Unfortunately, they can be a bit tough to find these days...

Wonder Loom

If you're still on the hunt, keep an eye out for the new Wonder Loom rubber band bracelet kit that's available exclusively at Walmart! Designed by Choon, the inventor of the original Rainbow Loom kit, the Wonder Loom is a slightly more affordable alternative and it's made in the USA with over 90% U.S. parts -- something I know is important to many of you.

Rubber Band Bracelet Loom

The Wonder Loom comes with a loom board, plastic crochet hook, 600 multi-colored silicone rubber bands, 24 C-clips, and an instruction card with details on how to make a basic loom bracelet.

Note that the loom board does differ slightly from the original Rainbow Loom in that it's not reconfigurable; however, it does have a connection point to string more than one loom board together. This hasn't posed a problem for my kids, as it's very rare that they want to reconfigure their looms for a design.

My 9-year-old daughter, Camden, is probably my most avid loomer currently, and she's constantly searching YouTube for new designs to try. We've found that some tutorials are better than others, so when you find a tutorial that's especially clear and easy to follow, she recommends subscribing to that user's channel for new updates.

In addition to bracelets, Camden has made rings, animals, Christmas trees and other holidays decorations, hair bands and more. The possibilities are truly endless!

Wonder Loom Bracelets and Things

If you're purchasing a Wonder Loom as a gift, I'd also recommend picking up this corresponding book, Wonder Loom Bracelets and Things. Packed with a number of simple tutorials, it's a great gift companion. I especially love that the illustrations include both girls and boys using the loom -- it's truly a gender neutral toy!

You can also pick up Wonder Loom silicone rubber band refills for just $4.97 for a 1,200-ct. package, a significant savings over other brands. I found them on an end cap at my local store earlier this week.

Camden and I put together a short video giving you a close up look at the Wonder Loom kit, and she also shows how to make a basic Zig-Zag bracelet, the perfect starter bracelet:

If you're interested in trying your hand at some of the more elaborate bracelets in the top photo, from left to right they're called: the Ladder, the Hexafish, the Triple Single, and then the Zig-Zag that she shows in the video. Next to the Zig-Zag is another Triple Single and Ladder in different color variations.

All of the items I featured are still available for purchase and will arrive before Christmas -- can't recommend them enough...

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Have your kids caught the loom bracelet bug yet?

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