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Easy, Easier, and Easiest Valentine’s Day Baking Solutions

Valentine's Day Toll House Cookies

Our family loves any excuse to bake together, and Valentine's Day is as good an excuse as any! But I know that we all have differing amounts of free time available to devote to creating with our families, so today I want to share three different Valentine's Day baking solutions, varying in difficulty, that will fit into any schedule.

Actually, "difficulty" is probably not the best term because they're all very easy -- so I'll call them easy, easier, and easiest, starting with these classic Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies with a twist.

Easy: Valentine's Day Toll House Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit around here, so I knew these limited edition Valentine's Day Nestle Toll House Morsels would make for some very happy kids.

Valentine's Day Toll House Morsels

Look for these special packages at your local Walmart, and maybe pick up a few extra to keep on hand in case your little one falls in love with the sweet little red morsels like my daughter did!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Chip Cookies

I followed the recipe right on the back of the package with a couple of exceptions. First, I toasted my walnuts -- you won't believe how much of a difference this makes in the taste of your cookies! Also, I used the convection feature on my oven and baked them at 350 degrees for about 11 minutes. This resulted in a fluffy cookie that was delightfully crispy on the bottom and still chewy on top. Yum!

Easier: Nestle Cookie-Brownie Delights

If you're a bit pressed for time, boxed treats like this Cookie-Brownie Delight kit from Nestle are a time-saving and inexpensive option.

Cookie-Brownie Delights

They come together in under five minutes and only need an additional 25 minutes or so to bake. Throw them together, and they can bake while you're helping with homework!

To make removing them from the pan just a little easier, consider lining your baking dish with a piece of parchment paper cut to overhang on two sides. This will allow you to lift the entire cookie-brownie out of the pan and cut it neatly into even pieces.

Easiest: Ready To Decorate Heart Cookies

If your time is really stretched thin, no worries -- these ready to decorate heart cookies are a great solution!

Ready To Decorate Valentine's Day Cookies

Pick up a package containing a dozen ready-to-decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies, frosting and sprinkles for just $6 in the bakery department at Walmart.

Decorating Valentine's Day Cookies

This kit was a fantastic way to keep my kids busy after school last Wednesday while I was finishing up some last minute work. My older children were able to open the package and get everyone set up to decorate, and they all got to enjoy one of their masterpieces as an afternoon snack.

Decorated Heart Cookies

Didn't they do a great job? I love how they all put their own unique spin on decorating using the same toppings.

What will you be baking with your family for Valentine's Day?

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  • Ahhhhh!! I have got to head to Walmart and get some of those!!! So fun! I just adore the cookies your kids made... so precious!

  • Love. I made a batch of Nutella pots de creme. Hopefully they'll make it until tomorrow ; )

  • I love the bag of mixed morsels...I'll be on the lookout for those!

  • I haven't seen those chips--I'll have to look around!

  • Great ideas! I've tried those cookie/brownie delights and they are really great.

  • I love those baking chips in the first pic, will have to get those next year!

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