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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Bun | Holiday Hair

After the raging success of her Valentine’s Day heart hair and St. Patrick’s Day shamrock hair, Addie has been begging me to do a special Christmas hairstyle. A quick search on Pinterest turned up some really cute braided Christmas tree hairstyles, but I’m just not sure I have the patience for that.

Somewhere along the way, she stumbled across a photo of a cute Rudolph bun that was created with pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and a red pom-pom, and that was that — it’s all she talked about from then on.

Rudolph Bun Supplies

Off to Walmart we went to pick up the supplies — except they were out of red pom-poms… No problem, I figured we could cut a circle out of red felt for the nose. Only they were all out of red felt, as well.

Soooooo I improvised with a red pipe cleaner and some glittery red sequins. And I have to say I like the result even better than the red pom-poms!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Remington Perfect Bun
  • Conair hair pins
  • red pipe cleaners
  • red sequins
  • large wiggly eyes
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • dual temp hot glue gun + glue
  • Scunci No Slip Grip hair ties
  • Aussie You Can Shine hair spray
  • hair brush

I know that seems like a rather long list, but it’s actually very simple, and with all of the extra supplies, you could make up cute little Rudolph bun gift sets for all of your little girl’s friends! Especially since there’s really nothing to making the reindeer features…

To make the eyes: simply hot glue a hair pin to the back of each of two large wiggly eyes.

To make the nose: tie a red pipe cleaner on to a hair pin, then wrap it around and around itself like a cinnamon roll. Tuck the ends of the pipe cleaners under the bottom, and hot glue the sequins randomly on to the pipe cleaner. Note that I did not hot glue the pipe cleaner to the hair pin to allow it to move and flex with the bun.

To make the antlers: trim about 3 inches off of two brown pipe cleaners. Twist the smaller section around the larger one in the shape of antlers. Clip small sections from a third pipe cleaner to add additional antlers until you’re satisfied with the results.

How To Use A Bun Form

Using a bun form is a great way to ensure a neat, round bun. You can find the Remington Perfect Bun at Walmart for under $5, and it does a fantastic job holding my girls’ hair. I made a quick video to demonstrate how to use it.

A couple of tips I forgot to mention:

  • If you’re having trouble slicking the hair back into a neat ponytail, try wetting the hair near the head to make smoothing it back easier.
  • Place the pony tail where you want the bun to sit on the head.
  • For heavier hair, it may be best to use regular bobby pins rather than the hair pins. However, I still recommend the hair pins for the Rudolph eyes and nose.

Rudolph Bun Holiday Hair

How To Make A Rudolph Bun

Once you have your simple bun, turning it into a Rudolph bun is as easy as adorning it with the reindeer features you created! Tuck the antlers into the back of the bun, the eyes into the top of the bun, and position the “glowing” red nose right in the center. Totally adorable!

Does your little girl like to change her hair to suit the holiday?

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