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  1. Tara!  How did I now know that you had this whole other beautiful blog???  Its just gorgeous!!

  2. i make corn on the cob on the grill all the time while we are camping . but i make it different . i soak in a big tote or bucket of cold water and half cup of sugar for a hour during the day at camp. then i shuck all silk and husk as u would to boil. i then lay each piece in heavyduty renolds wrap and baste with a little  margarine . wrap up well and toss on grill. turn every 5 min or so for about 30 minutes and comes out so sweet and tender, also if you dont have a grill at camp and want a alternative. just remove the silks not the whole husk , rinse off well after soaking, so all silks are gone , wrap in foil with the margarine . and cover them very well. as you will be putting the ears right in the coals .turn with a stick or a long marshmellow metal roaster , yummy!! great for late nite snack at camp .

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