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Easy Floral Arrangements for the Holidays and Beyond

Easy Flower Arrangement

While I love the way fresh cut flowers can brighten up a room and add a little spark to your dinner table, I've never done much more than trim the stems and throw the whole bunch in a vase of water. I assumed that anything more than that would be too time-consuming and tedious, but I was so wrong! Creating an easy flower arrangement is something I'm confident just about anyone can do.

I traveled to Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas back at the beginning of October and one of the many fun activities we did while there was learn how to create an easy and beautiful floral centerpiece. The folks from Nature's Flowers walked us through the process step by step, giving us lots of helpful tips along the way.

I love how my holiday-themed arrangement turned out! Using the red and green Twizzlers candy in the bottom is so unexpected and makes for a fun and festive look.

The great thing about this method is that you can easily adapt it for centerpieces to fit any occasion. Above you can see some of the other items that my fellow Walmart Moms used -- apples, fresh cranberries, citrus fruits, the possibilities are endless.

The real test was to see if I could create something similar at home, so I stopped by Walmart and picked up items pictured. Depending on what you already have at home, your out of pocket costs may just be limited to the flowers and possibly the floral foam, making this a frugal centerpiece, as well.

Speaking of floral foam, make sure that what you're using is the wet floral foam, not to be confused with the foam used for faux flower arrangements. Wet floral foam is designed to absorb and hold the water, keeping your arrangement fresh and beautiful.

To start you'll need to find a vase that's on the taller side and a bowl that will fit snugly in the top. I found this vase at Walmart, and these Great Value Twist & Store containers fit perfectly in the top. This is a one-time investment that can be used over and over again, but you may already own something that's suitable, so shop your home first!

I filled the vase up with mini ornaments that were also purchased at Walmart, but this is where you can get creative and fill it with whatever fits the theme of your get together. Then I placed my bowl inside the top of the vase.

Cut a piece of wet floral foam so that it's about twice as tall as the bowl you're using and soak it thoroughly. Fit the wet floral foam down inside the bowl.

Trim the bottom of each flower as you go, and start placing them into the wet floral foam, creating a spherical look. Since I used a variety of flowers, I started with the largest flowers first and then moved on to the smaller flowers. Continue placing your flowers until you get the full look you want to achieve.

At this point I wanted to go back in and fill in the bare spots with some filler greenery, but my local store didn't carry anything that was suitable. There were a few evergreen branches that were in the bouquets that I used, but if you'd like more, you could give your bushes a quick trim or even pay your local Christmas tree farm a visit for some evergreen trimmings.

This arrangement only took about 15 minutes to complete. While that's longer and a little more involved than just tossing the flowers in a vase, it's so much prettier and more impressive for a special occasion!

Do you ever take the time to create your own floral arrangement? Or are you more of a "toss the flowers in a vase and be done with it" type person?

Walmart Moms Disclosure

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Cindy Dickerson December 7, 2012 at 5:09 am

Stunning!! and so is the Ice Ring!! Love It!


Sheena December 6, 2012 at 11:56 pm

This is so pretty, Tara! I used Christmas balls too *snort*!

Sidenote: I am loving all of the photos/videos from the trip. The photographer did an excellent job.


Lori December 6, 2012 at 3:07 pm

oh my cow, that is beautiful Tara!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas balls in there!!! FABULOUS!


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