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How To Make A Double Boiler {Quick Tip}

How To Make A Double Boiler

Deanna had a great question on the Buckeyes aka Peanut Butter Balls Recipe post:

Ok, so I don’t mean to sound like an air head, but what does it mean when its says melt the chocolate and shortening in a double boiler?

Not a silly question at all! Wikipedia says that a double boiler is "a stove top apparatus used to cook delicate sauces such as beurre blanc, to melt chocolate without burning or seizing, or cook any other thick liquid or porridge that would normally burn if not stirred constantly."

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Now you could go out and buy an actual double boiler, but why do that when you probably already have the perfect substitute in your kitchen?

All you need is a standard saucepan and a heatproof bowl -- I used a metal bowl, but Pyrex would work equally well. Make sure it fits tightly on top of the saucepan because escaping steam could cause your melted chocolate to seize up.

What a tragedy that would be!

Fill the sauce pan with a few inches of cold water, making sure that the level is lower than the bottom of the bowl you will be sitting on top. Bring the water to a boil, and then add your chocolate to the top bowl. The gentle, constant heat from the steam will melt it perfectly!

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by Tara | 3 comments

  • Shay

    Was going to ask if you had any suggestions if one doesn't have a dbl boiler. Right on time. Thanks, Tara!

  • Monica

    I'm just glad she said we can use Pyrex bowls! I have 2 sizes, as my smallest shattered when it hit the floor (they're almost 10yrs old!) I've always fought with a pan & a skillet, the steam, it hurtzd! But now I'll be safe, thanks much!! :)

  • Hello, I'm borrowing one of your picture for my article. It's right here

    If you have any objections, please tell me and I will delete the picture. Thank you :)

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