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Pudding Shots

pudding shots in plastic pudding shot cups stacked up on a marble surface

If you're looking for recipes for pudding shots, you came to the right place! This page is where you'll find all of my most popular pudding shot recipes, so bookmark it for the latest and greatest. But first…

What are pudding shots?

Basically, they’re delicious little cups of alcohol-infused pudding that can be served straight from your freezer or thawed for a creamy, dreamy experience. These ain't your mama's tired old Jell-O shots — trust me, they're WAY better!

How to make pudding shots

My base pudding shot recipe always starts with five ingredients:

  • a creamy liqueur
  • a flavored vodka
  • Jell-O instant pudding
  • Cool Whip whipped topping
  • and milk

From there, I mix and match different flavors to come up with the combination for a given recipe idea. Occasionally I'll throw in an extra ingredient to enhance the flavor or theme (i.e. funfetti sprinkles for a birthday cake shot), but for the most part I like to keep them low key without all of the frills.

Anything else I need to know?

Nope! But I do have two purchase recommendations that will save you some time & money when making these delightful treats:

  • First, stock up on these pudding shot cups online. I like the ones with lids, and they're MUCH cheaper than I've found in any grocery store.
  • Second, grab a medium cookie scoop while you're getting the cups. It makes portioning out the pudding shots SO much quicker and easier.

Looking for a different pudding shot flavor not listed? Shoot me an email to make a request!

Did you make any of my pudding shot recipes?
I would LOVE to see them! Tag @unsophisticook on Instagram and hashtag it #unsophisticook.