Oct 16

Stick-or-Treat: DIY Duck Tape Pumpkin Bats

Halloween Duck Tape Bat Pumpkins

Did you know that Duck brand duct tape comes in over 100 colors and patterns? It even comes in a Justin Bieber pattern, much to the chagrin of the Walmart associate that gave me a quick briefing on their display. Pretty sure my girls would be singing a different tune though.

Oh, and Ohio State too! But at double the cost of the other colors and patterns, I opted to pass that one by...

Duck Tape has been growing in popularity for crafts for quite some time now, and Duck brand has responded by hosting a Stick-or-Treat Duct Tape Jack-o'-lantern Contest for the last several years. Three cash prizes will be awarded to the most creative duct tape Jack-o'-lantern!

With an idea for duct tape bat pumpkins in mind, I headed to Walmart to pick up some pie pumpkins and Duck brand Duct Tape. I was surprised at just how many colors and patterns they had in stock!

Be sure to check both the craft section and the housewares section -- I actually found a bigger selection in the housewares department. Originally I had planned to use plain white for the eyes, but when I spied the glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape, I knew it would add the perfect touch!

I started by wrapping my pumpkin on four sides with black duct tape. Then I continued to add strips to fill in until the entire pumpkin was covered.

I found the duct tape a tad difficult to work with at first when I started adding the features. But then it occurred to me to try sticking it down on a piece of parchment paper. This allowed me to trace my patterns on it and cut out each piece with a removable backing on it that I could then easily peel off and stick to my pumpkin.

This would make it quite easy to do this project with small children, as you could just cut out all of the pieces and allow them to do the decorating part. No mess!

I created the ears by folding a black piece of duct tape in half with part of the sticky side still showing at the bottom. Then I clipped the upper part into a triangle shape and attached them to either side of the pumpkin.

Finally, I cut the wings out of stiff cardboard and covered them with black duct tape. I attached them with more duct tape, but I'm finding that they're a bit wobbly, so I'll probably go back and cut some slits in the pumpkins to attach them more securely.

I just love the way my bats turned out, and once I figured out what I was doing, it was infinitely easier than carving a pumpkin. If you'd like to try your hand at them, I made a convenient downloadable template you can use.

But the best part? When Halloween is over, I can peel off the tape and use my pumpkins to make more homemade pumpkin puree!

Walmart Moms Disclosure

by Tara | 5 comments

  • Kim

    Great job! What a wonderful idea. You are so creative. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing this really different idea with us.

  • These are so fun! And I bet my 4 year old (if not my 1 year old) could participate more than he can with a carved pumpkin since there are no knives involved.

  • And I thought mine was good!! These are stinkin' adorable!!! Love it!

  • Amy

    Your bats are adorable, Tara!!

  • Must make! I need dozens for my porch and yard!

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