Dec 3

Freeze Ground Meat Easily {Quick Tip}

Easy Freezing Ground Meat

I love this quick tip from Real Simple for freezing ground meat:

Simply fill a freezer bag with your ground beef, chicken, turkey, etc., flatten it out while pressing out the air, and seal it closed. Then use a blunt instrument, such as a chopstick, to draw grid lines and freeze. These will make it super easy to break off small portions as needed for a recipe!

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by Tara | 10 comments

  • That is such an AWESOME tip!!! Totally gonna share this:)

  • renee

    I put 1 pound ground meat in one plastic sealed bag, so if I have 3 pounds meat, I will use 3 bags. Every time I will just pick up a bag, i know it's one pound. Maybe it looks like wasting bags, but it works for me so far.

  • Tiffany S

    Wow, this is such a creative and awesome tip! I'll have to try it out next time I buy hamburger or ground turkey. Thank you for sharing!

  • Joyce


  • Aimee

    I too freeze mine one pound per bag but I could see that by using this tip your meat would thaw faster (or cook faster if you go straight from freezer to skillet).

  • renee

    You are totally right, Aimee.

  • Marion

    I have been doing this for years it makes getting dinner in the tale quicker than waiting for a big hunk of meat to thaw

  • amy

    When we lived in an apartment and did not have an extra freezer... we would pack ground beef by the pound in ziplock bags and flatten the meat so they would stack and save space in our oh so tiny freezer.

  • monique

    Does anyone know if you can unthaw meat then refreeze it? When we buy beef at the farmers market it is already frozen. If I unthawed it to score it, then froze it again, is that okay? It would be helpful if I could put it in the freezer flat instead of that bump it makes.

    • AuntDD67

      My suggestion is to brown the meat, spread onto a cookie sheet to cool quickly, divide into 1 pound freezer bags, then freeze. This makes meal prep really quick because by the time your skillet is warm the meat is almost thawed and you can add other ingredients as you normally would. I've done this for many years especially when ground beef is on sale. I also make my favorite meatloaf in muffin pans, bake, freeze in the pans, slightly thaw to remove, and place in freezer bags. These are a wonderful quick meal along with veggies or use for a meatloaf sandwich. I've made these since I was a 12 year-old cooking for my farming family and I'm now retired and no longer need to cook for anyone but myself!

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