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Clean Your Microwave Without Chemicals {Quick Tip}

Clean Your Microwave Without Chemicals

Shortly after moving out on my own, I was chatting with my mom and gushing over this awesome new product I'd discovered that made cleaning your microwave simple and easy. You know, you just heat up this little pouch and then use the moist cloth inside to wipe it out -- all for the price of $3.99 for a box of five!

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I naively thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, so I was speechless when she literally laughed out loud at me.

After wiping the tears from her eyes, she asked me how much this miracle product cost and then informed me that there is an easier and much less expensive way to clean that baked on food -- water. Brilliant, isn't it?

How To Clean Your Microwave:

Cleaning your microwave is as simple as microwaving a cup of water for about three minutes (possibly more or a little less depending on your microwave). When it's done, the inside should be nice and steamy, and wiping out the grime inside will be practically effortless!

If it's not... say because one of your five kids tried to nuke a plate of spaghetti into oblivion -- just repeat the same routine until the inside of your appliance is shiny and clean.

Double Duty Cleaning:

Take this quick tip one step further to freshen your house up in the process. In the spring and summer I like to add a bit of citrus juice to the water, and in the fall and winter I add a few drops of pure vanilla extract. Clean your microwave and make your house smell delicious in five minutes!

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by Tara | 7 comments

  • Tara, I just wanted to share with you how dangerous it is to boil water in a microwave. Google it and see....I used to do this until the day I was cleaning my microwave the same way you do. I turned away from the microwave to do something and the door blew open with a huge force. Since mine is mounted above my cooktop it would have bumped me in the face pretty hard if I was standing near it. Of course my teen told me she learned about that in science class. Somehow she neglected to share that with me. Ha! You can get the same results by wetting (almost dripping) a few paper towels scrunched up and placing them on the turntable. They cool really fast and I then use them to wipe the interior down. I usually put vinegar on the towels also, and you can use a towel or rag instead of paper towels.

    • Thanks for the info, Karen! I was able to find this information online that seems to indicate it's a pretty rare occurrence if you take the proper precautions:

      The paper towels are a great suggestion too, though, or maybe even a sponge.

  • Heidi

    To avoid anything like that ever happening I have always just put a chopstick in any liquid that I put in the microwave. It allows any pressure or built up energy to flow up the chopstick and out of the cup...i.e. bubbles from boiling water.

  • Nancy

    Actually, I usually put my kitchen sponge in the water - it disinfects and deodorizes the sponge too!

  • Love this... we always get wrapped up in new $4.99 (or whatever) products and it need not be that hard. Sometimes I feel like i need steel wool in the microwave.

  • Kathleen

    I do the same thing as you Tara, but if I have a lemon handy, I like to put a couple of slices in the water. It really gives the microwave a fresh, clean smell.

  • YES! I need to do this today

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