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Washi Tape Personalized School Supplies

Washi Tape Personalized School Supplies

This summer has just flown by! My kids are all starting school next week, and we've been busy squeezing in some end of summer vacation quality family time. We spent a few sunny (but chilly) days at Put-in-Bay and hit the Columbus Zoo to check out Dinosaur Island on our way home.

We also spent a good bit of time compiling a master school supplies list and shopping for said supplies -- no small feat considering we have five heading to school this year...

As you can imagine, shopping with five kids is anything but dull. While my boys were quite happy to toss the basics into our shopping cart, my girls gravitated toward anything sparkly, neon pink or with a zebra-striped pattern.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. I remember spending hours decorating the book covers I made from brown paper grocery bags with brightly colored patterns -- which in turn inspired me to have the girls create their own unique personalized school supplies using washi tape!

Washi Tape

If you're not familiar with washi tape, it's very similar to masking tape but comes in an endless array of widths, colors and patterns. We purchased this My Mind's Eye decorative tape on and had it shipped to our local store.

Washi tape is great fun for crafting because there's no mess, and you don't even need scissors, since it tears very easily -- although we did use an X-acto knife for this particular project.

School Supplies

We started with school supplies that would be simple to dress up -- pencils, pens and glue -- but you easily expand this to include scissors, rulers, folders, notebooks and more.

For the glue, we simply peeled off the labels and then wrapped the bottle in brightly colored strips of tape. For the pencils and pens, I chose simple horizontal stripes, as well, but you could also try wrapping them with a single color on the diagonal.

Washi Tape Glue

Some tips for best results:

  • We used an X-acto knife to make precise seams when wrapping the washi tape. Of course, this step isn't required, but if you choose to do the same, it works best to cut from the middle outwards in each direction. The tape is very delicate and wrinkles easily if you try to cut straight across.
  • When wrapping pens, start far enough down that you can still place the cap on the top while writing. If you wrap from the very top, the tape will wrinkle when you put the cap on.
  • When wrapping a light colored tape on a brightly colored item, you may need to wrap a couple of times to prevent the base color from showing through.

All told, this is a very quick project that took less than 15 minutes to complete, about half of which was spent trying to remove all of the label residue from the glue bottle. BTW, Goo Gone works great for this task.

Personalized School Supplies

Aren't these personalized school supplies just SO cute? I have to admit that I think I had as much fun with this as my girls did. This was a great rainy day craft to get them in the mood to head back to school!

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by Tara | 2 comments

  • What a colorful personalization idea for back to school! The kids will love decorating their supplies!!! Cute!

  • Cindy

    What a cute idea!! Their supplies look darling!!

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