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Easy No Carve Washi Tape Pumpkins

Washi Tape Pumpkins

Whether you need some cute decorations for your upcoming Halloween party or a fun project to keep the kids busy, these simple no carve washi tape pumpkins are the perfect inexpensive and mess-free solution!

I'm sure you guys have noticed my little obsession with washi tape by now, but if you're not familiar with it, it's a versatile, colorful paper tape, similar to masking tape. It's very thin, tears easily, and most importantly, removing it is super easy, so you can change your mind and start over with new colors and patterns on a whim!

The removability aspect is important to me, because I decorated pie pumpkins with my washi tape. So after our Halloween party is finished, we can simply peel off the tape and turn them into homemade pumpkin puree! Don't worry -- I promise that making homemade pumpkin puree is really easy, and the flavor is infinitely better than the canned stuff...

How To Make Washi Tape Pumpkins

Washi Tape Pumpkins Supplies

The list of supplies you'll need for this project is pretty short, and all of the items are readily available at Walmart. Note that I found the raffia in the floral aisle, and the rest of the items were in the craft aisles. Well, except the pie pumpkins which were with the produce, of course.

Washi Tape Pumpkins X-Acto Knife

Take your first color of washi tape, and simply start wrapping it around your pumpkin. I found it easiest to wrap it vertically or on the diagonal because you can get the lines pretty smooth. You can wrap them horizontally; however, you'll have a few more wrinkles when you try to flatten it out. If you're okay with the wrinkles, then go for it!

Be sure to alternate colors when wrapping -- this will create some really cool effects where the different patterns and colors overlap each other. Using a sharp X-Acto knife will allow you to trim the tape to follow the curve around the stem. But you can also just tear the tape, which is especially good for little ones.

Washi Tape Pumpkins Raffia

I finished my washi tape pumpkins off with a simple raffia bow to add a little extra appeal. You really only need a few strands of raffia per bow, so you'll probably be left with quite a bit left over -- but raffia is perfect for wrapping presents and gift baskets, so I'm sure you'll find a way to use it all up.

No Carve Washi Tape Pumpkins
I also decided to wrap a couple of mini pumpkins after finishing my larger pie pumpkins. Aren't they cute? My girls thought so -- they begged me to let them take them to school as soon as they saw them. So I guess I'll have to make a couple more now!

Duck Tape Bat Pumpkins

If you're looking for another cute no carve pumpkin idea, check out my Duck Tape Bat Pumpkins!

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  • These are so cute, Tara! I am a washi tape addict too :) I love how quick and easy this project is!

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