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31 Days of Homemade

Consistency in posting has never been one of my strong points here on Unsophisticook, but I’m aiming to change that this month! I’ve committed to posting daily for the next 31 days in the 31 Days in 2012 challenge, and my chosen topic is 31 days of homemade.

I’ve drawn up a list of recipes that I’d like to attempt below, but this may change over the course of the month based on reader feedback. Some of these are items that I’ve made before, and some (like mozzarella and pasta) are an attempt to get myself out of my comfort zone and try something new!

If you have favorites recipes for any of the items below that you’d like to share, you can submit them here. Or if you’d like to suggest something that’s not on my list, please do so as well!

31 Days of Homemade

1. taco seasoning mix 12. banana bread 22. potato chips
2. customizable berry muffins 13. oven baked hard boiled eggs 23. macaroni & cheese
3. old-fashioned sugar cookies 14. buttercream frosting 24. pizza sauce
4. classic applesauce 15. homemade Pop-Tarts 25. pizza dough
5. pumpkin puree 16. strawberry sauce 26. fresh lemon curd
6. cornbread mix 17. coffeehouse iced coffee 27. easy caramel sauce
7. chocolate syrup 18. healthy homemade granola bars 28. healthy artisan bread
8. tomato basil soup 19. freezer smoothies 29. pasta
9. homemade pancakes 20. marshmallows 30. vanilla extract
10. fresh tomato salsa 21. chocolate pudding 31. instant oatmeal packets
11. homemade mayo

Find a visual index of these recipes on the 31 Days of Homemade Pinterest board!

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