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Bathroom Storage Ideas // Repurposed Cabinet + New Wire Storage Basket

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you have that one room in your home that just leaves you bewildered as to how to decorate it? For me, it's our first floor half bath. I wrote about it a little over two years ago, and I'm still just as puzzled as ever on what to do with it.

It hasn't changed much since I took the photos for that post:

  • The builder-grade mirror is still peeling.
  • The odd greenish marble sink with no overflow drain still sits on a water-damaged vanity. Only now the basin is stained hot pink courtesy of one 11-year-old girl who decided to test her DIY bath bomb in it.
  • The hideous green vinyl flooring greets you as you walk through the door.

First Floor Half Bathroom

It's completely lacking in character, without even a window to the outside to give it a little charm... And unfortunately, as you can see from the layout above, there's no room to introduce any sort of furniture to liven up the space, either

Until inspiration strikes, I figured putting something, anything, on the walls had to be better than the current state of nothing. So when I stumbled across these wire storage baskets on Walmart.com, it got me thinking about all of the lovely gold wire decor I was drooling over on another higher-end site recently. The price has since increased a bit, but I ordered three of them for $11.59 each.

Bathroom Storage Ideas | Wire Storage Baskets

Then I picked up a can of gold spray paint on my next trip to Walmart and waited for them to arrive... One quick coat was all it took to transform them, and they were ready to hang!

Actually, I ended up only using one in this space, hung below a cabinet that I sourced from our master bathroom.

Bathroom Storage Ideas | Repurposed Cabinet Before

I sweet-talked my husband into removing all of its rusty hardware for a coordinating spritz of gold spray paint, and that one small change alone really transformed this piece. I also decided to paint the inside of the cabinet with some navy blue paint that was left over from our living room, and I love the way it turned out.

Now I'm contemplating frosting the windows on the cabinet doors. It's kind of useless for storage as is, because you can see everything stored in it, but if they were frosted, I could at least fill it with extra toilet paper...

Bathroom Storage Ideas | Repurposed Cabinet After

So while a repurposed cabinet and a new wire storage basket might seem like a rather small change to many of you, this is actually a big step in the right direction for me! If any of you have suggestions for decorating this awkward space, I'd love to hear from you -- pretty please?!

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