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DIY Striped Serving Tray

DIY Striped Serving Tray

While browsing Pinterest for an easy craft project recently, I stumbled across a cute striped serving tray on Martha Stewart Living. I fell in love with how the bright colors contrast with the galvanized metal, but wow, those trays can get kind of pricey!

So instead I picked up this inexpensive Mainstays sheet cake pan from Walmart to use. It's just as sturdy as a galvanized tray, and the smooth shiny surface worked perfectly for this craft.

Striped Serving Tray Supplies

Other supplies you'll need to create a striped serving tray include a range of enamel spray paint colors, painter's tape, newspaper, and possibly a small brush. I had most of the paint and the tape on hand from previous projects, so this is a great way to use up leftovers.

Taping Off Stripes

I started by taping off the entire rim of the tray, leaving just the bottom flat section exposed. I then lightly laid out my stripe pattern with the painter's tape, varying the widths of the stripes from thin pinstripes to wide ribbons. Before pressing the tape down securely, I checked the width of the stripes at the top and bottom edges with a ruler just to make sure they were even.

When you have the stripes exactly as you want them, use your fingers or a credit card to securely press the tape down to prevent any paint from seeping under it.

Painting Stripes

Painting the stripes should have been the easy part at this point, but I think I made it a little harder than it needed to be by blocking off only the stripe I was trying to paint and spraying directly from the can. It was a windy day, so I still ended up with a little over spray.

Next time I think I'll just spray some of the paint into a cup and paint the stripes on with a small brush. I really think this will be easier and faster, but you can use whichever method you're more comfortable with.

Either way, you'll still need multiple coats of paint to get the color nice and even, and you'll want to let the paint dry well in between coats.

DIY Striped Serving Tray

While it's not perfect, I love the way my striped serving tray turned out! It's festive and colorful, just like I envisioned. It's perfect for serving refreshing drinks on hot summer day, gathering fresh produce from my garden, and carrying all of the ingredients for s'mores out to our fire pit.

I'm looking forward to making several more in different color combinations -- red, white & blue for patriotic holidays, scarlet and gray for Buckeyes tailgating, and maybe shades of purple and teal for my daughters' bedroom dresser top. So many possibilities!

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by Tara | 3 comments

  • I think it *is* perfect!! I cant wait to make one... totally need to run to Walmart now! :)

  • Cindy

    Oh that is sooo cute! I love the bright colors!! This would be really cute to put your dog dishes on too! You could match your kitchen or your dogs dishes. I can think of many ways to use these,

  • How creative! You did a great job with those trays!!!

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